Remove Old vCenter Plugins


You un-install an application that does not un-register the plugin in vCenter.  There is no option in the desktop client to remove.

Ex. vSphere Auto-Deploy 5.5 located in a different windows server and can not talk to the VC at the time (error 29452)

error 29452
  1. Find the name of your app on
    Ex. Auto Deploy is named com.vmware.rbd
  2. Go to
    (replacing with the FQDN of your vCenter)
    Search for com.vmware.rbd
  3. Click on UnregisterExtension
  4. Paste in com.vmware.rbd for the value.  Click Invoke Method.
  • Shortcut, if you already know the name (com.vmware.rbd) , you can go directly to