NSX-T Manager Cluster – Change or Remove the VIP via API

  • The NSX-T Manager GUI will not allow you to change the VIP (virtual IP) when using the FQDN of each NSX-T Manager and the FQDN for the VIP. This is the built in software VIP for HA and NOT for a 3rd party external load balancer.
  • The API will allow you you remove the VIP and/or set the new VIP. (ex. fat finger during the setup or a duplicate IP was found after the fact)


  • You can stop reading and login to the IP address of any of the 3 NSX-T Manager’s to change or delete the VIP.


The NSX-T API manual shows 3 options.  Tested with

  1. Read cluster virtual IP address - GET -  /api/v1/cluster/api-virtual-ip
  2. Clear cluster virtual IP address - POST -  /api/v1/cluster/api-virtual-ip?action=clear_virtual_ip
  3. Set cluster virtual IP address - POST -  /api/v1/cluster/api-virtual-ip?action=set_virtual_ip


  • Setup a POST to change the IP from to
  • https://nsxt-1.my.lab/api/v1/cluster/api-virtual-ip?action=set_virtual_ip&ip_address=
  • Wait apx 3 minutes as the change will stop the NSX-T webpage from loading
  • Update DNS for the VIP and/or refresh the IP address URL of any NSX-T Manager to validate.
  • To remove / delete the VIP – POST the following and wait 3 minutes.
  • https://nsxt-1.my.lab/api/v1/cluster/api-virtual-ip?action=clear_virtual_ip
  • Observation for a new Alarm – There is 1 open alarm (Severity: High, Feature: Clustering, Event Type: Cluster Unavailable