vCloud Usage Meter NSX-T Manager Error – Incomplete Action

  • VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.4
  • vCenter 7 U3
  • The VCSA VM has 2 NIC on two different subnets with the same FQDN and DNS record.
    The VCSA is added to Usage Meter by the 1st NIC’s IP address (VC and UM on the same subnet)
  • NSX-T Data Center (same subnet has the VC and UM) has the vCenter Compute Manager added by FQDN.


Add a new NSX-T Data Center deployment.

After accepting the certificate when adding the NSX-T Manager VIP, the status is “Incomplete Action”

Clicking on the Notifications for more details report two messages.
The vCenter server must be registered or have its certificate accepted.
The product can not be metered until its certificate is accepted.

  • Removed NSX-T and added by the NSX-T IP; same error.
  • Remoevd NSX-T and the VCSA from UM.
  • Add the VCSA by FQDN fails with a socket timeout message.
  • SSH’ed into the UM VM and ran an nslookup for the VCSA. There are two entries. When you ping the VCSA by FQDN, it happens to pick the 2nd VCSA NIC which is on a different subnet UM does not have access to.
  • Edit the UM /etc/hosts file to add the VCSA by the 1st NIC’s IP (same subnet as UM).
    Ping will ping this entry and not the 2nd NIC.
  • Add the VCSA by FQDN works, then adding the NSX-T Manager by FQDN works.
  • While v4.4 is end of support, v4.5 has not been tested and is rumored to allow a “mismatch”.