VCDA Upgrade Tip


Goal – Upgrade VMware Cloud Director Availability VCDA to using the offline ISO file method. 1 VCDA VM (combined appliance)

Prep work
Backup the VCDA configuration to an SFTP share.
Have the current 4.6.0 OVA downloaded in case a new VM and a restore from the backup config is needed. VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability-Provider-
A VCDA VM shutdown with a snapshot taken in a powered off state is an unofficial rollback option.

Mount the VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability- to the VCDA VM.

  • Open 2 SSH sessions to the VCDA VM.

1st SSH session run:
mount /mnt/cdrom

2nd SSH session run:
tail -f /var/log/upgrade.log | grep "Postupgrade to 4.6.x complete."

1st SSH session run:
python3 /mnt/cdrom/update/

  • 1st SSH session : You should see an “Complete” message and be returned to the command prompt.
  • 2nd SSH session: should show “Postupgrade to 4.6.x complete.”
    There are 2 listed on this screen cap since there was a 4.5 to 4.6 performed in July.
  • Exit the this 2nd session.
  • 1st SSH session: run command: shutdown now
  • Unmount the ISO and power the VCDA VM on.

Validate the health, replications and version.
Proceed to the peer site to perform the same upgrade.