ESXi 6.7 BOM – HP ProDesk 400 G4 Desktop Mini PC


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Use case – ESXi white box that is silent and performs well under heavy workload.
No bottlenecks for cores or memory for the vrealize suite of products amid nsx-v, and vCD.
Local NVMe think provision storage for low latency vs an NFS/iSCI remote share over a 1GB connection.
2 USB NICS to tinker with LLDP and NSX-T.

Total USD

If purchased today (March 2020) and you sold the 8GB of RAM that came with the HP, the cost would be in the low $600’s

If you wanted 8 cores 9700T, the prodesk 600 G5 is in the 600s on ebay and has 2 NVMe slots and 1 SSD.

Photo under my TV
Left (black) is my HTPC.  Right the the ESXi Whitebox.
HP EliteDesk 800 G2 DM 35W
Intel i5-6500T CPU @ 2.50GHz – 4 cores / 32 GB RAM / Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB
Splunk / Workstation for vSAN ESXi host and overflow ESXi hosts when needed.

Asus RT-AC66U – Firmware FreshTomato – Runs NTP. Blocks the internet via a range of IP’s used for hosts and VM, but on the same subnet so I can access them from my pc.